About Us

Jerky Junction’s proud history.

The Train has Finally arrived, with the best jerky products you will ever try! Over 27 years Jerky Junction has achieved global recognition, proven continued success with our high quality, tender jerky products. Rest assured when ordering our beef products you are receiving only the highest quality U.S. beef, not like most jerky on the market today, which is imported.

BUT NOW – you too can enjoy these tender mouth watering, and down right deeelicious jerky products. Thanks to modern transportation and on-line ordering, it’s only a few clicks away…

Over the last five years, we have perfected the art of Wild Game, Seafood and an extensive and exciting line of Exotic Jerky’s.

Look for our monthly specials !

Our state of the art USDA factory is located in Carson City Nevada. We take pride in making our gourmet style, high quality jerky. In our 27 years we have refined our processes and flavors. Once you have tried the best, you will accept nothing less. We are family owned and operated. Our pride in producing a USA made product is unmatched. Customer Service and high quality meat products is our top priority.

We are always accepting new customers who distribute, sell at events and farmers markets, have brick and mortar stores and Road Side businesses that are interested in carrying any or all of our gourmet jerky lines.

If you are interested in a private label or Co packing arrangement, please contact us through the link at the top of the page.